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ReFill Reviews & Rack Extensions

I started ReasonFreak with the purpose to serve the Reason Community. It’s been over a year and we have gradually been adding more developers to the list and updating changed or broken links. There  has not a single post as I’ve taken a year to ponder the idea of reviewing ReFills & Rack Extensions. So that […]

Bienvenue au ReasonFreak

Pardon my french, it’s been one month and we’ve added over 60 new links to the archive. Special Thanks to ecopro for inspiring me to start this website. Also merci Noel G and Jiggery-Pokery for providing some links and their support. Also a big thank you to the PUF community for showing your support. More to come as we have some […]

Welcome to ReasonFreak

Our goal is to index the worlds best Reason Refills, keeping Reason sound designers safe from thieves. Submit your website to be added to our list. We will add you based on credibility. So if your website looks phishy and filled with spam, we won’t add you to the list. Scam/phish sites will be blacklisted to […]